Rules- Inter College


Debate (English)


Date                     09 January 2019

Time                    09.30 am onwards

Topic                   The political parties in contemporary India are encouraging intolerant and hyper-nationalistic trends.

Venue                  AV Hall

Time Limit           3 + 1 min.

•    Each College/University is required to send a team of two participants, one for and one against the motion.

•    Participants will be judged on the basis of content, diction and overall presentation.

•    There will also be a question-answer round & each participant will be required to answer a question put up by the judges.


Contact Persons          Dr. Radhika Sharma, 9783307183                                                                          Ms. Rakshita Singh




Face Painting


Date                     09 January 2019

Time                    10.00 am onwards            

Team Size           2 Members per team

                            (One shall paint and other be painted on!)

Venue                  Srijan Hall


Topics (any one)         • Fusion of expressions

                                      • Illusion

                                      • Halloween

Time Duration              2½ hrs.

       •    Number of entries/teams per college / University   -  03(maximum)

       •    Contestant has to paint his/her team mate’s face

•    Judgement will be based on creativity, beauty, painting skills and final presentation

•    Participants are required to bring their own material required for the event.


Contact Persons                             Dr. Mahesh Singh, 9783307127                                                         Mr. Shwet Goel, 9783307297






Date                    09 January 2019

Time                    10.00 am onwards            

Team Size           5 members per team

Venue                  Aditya Hall


“Our homes are not defined by geography or one particular location but by memories, events, people and places that span the Globe. Everything has to do with the geography. This is your world, shape it and know it”.

This activity is aimed to enhanced the map skill of the students and also help them to work out with the geographical locations and directions.


•      CARTOSQUE : Participant will be given few topics of geographical features which they have to mark on the outline Map of the world drawn by them at the spot. The map work should be done neatly using appropriate colours, legends, graphical scale and Title of the map. No Stencil is allowed for drawing outline world Map. This is an elimination round one and each team will be given 30 minutes for this activity. Number of participants are 5 in each team

•      SCOUT A SPOT : This is second elimination round. Participants have to point to a location on the Map supplied to them Blind Folded following the instruction given by the team-mate. Each team shall be given 30 second for the activity. Number of Participants will be five from each team selected previously.

•      TERRA  INCOGNITA : This is final round of the short listed teams. Participants have to follow the clues and locate the treasures hidden at various locations in the IIS University campus. The team would be given 20 minutes for this activity. Number of Participants will be five from each team. The  participating team who will come up with the solved riddle first will be the winner.


Contact Persons        Dr. Mini Mathur, 9783307137                                                                   Dr. Harshita Upadhya, 7340019072







Date                     10 January 2019

Time                    09.30 am onwards            

Team Size            Max. 5 members per team

                           Min. 2 members per team

Theme                 Participants are free to choose their own theme

Venue                  AV Hall

·        Business plan should be innovative and feasible.

·        The business plan should be of max. 13pages (1 cover page, 2 executive summary pages and 10 business plan pages). You may add up to 10 pages of appendix.

·        Cover page should have team name, business plan name and name of all team members.

·        Font size 12pt, times new roman and 1.5 line spacing. Margin of at least of at least 1 inch on all sides.

·        The PowerPoint presentation should not exceed 15 slides.

·        Maximum of 10 minutes will be given to present the business plan and 2 minutes for question and answer round.

·        Language to be followed- English.

·        Participants are required to bring their identification cards and hardcopy of their presentation.

·        Participants are required to bring their own stationary, laptop, pen drives and own internet connection.

·        Usage of obscene pictures and words will not be entertained.

·        Judgement criteria- attractiveness of the market opportunity, value created by the new product or service, competitive advantage of the proposed venture, operational and technological viability, capability of the management team ,capital requirements and financial forecast.


Contact Persons                             Dr. Roopam Kothari, 8875003237




Raaga-Solo song competition


Date                     10 January 2019

Time                    09.00 am onwards            

Venue                  Srijan Hall

No. of Entries       02 (per institute)


·        Participants are required to sing the mukhra and one antara of a popular Hindi song.

·        Judging will be based on- quality of voice, choice of song, rendition of song



Contact Persons                               Dr. Ruchi Jain, 9783307201



Street Play-Halla Bol


Date                     8 January 2019

Time                    10.30 am onwards

Time limit            12+3 minutes

Team size            12-15 members

Venue                  Stage Area


·        Number of entries per college- 01.

·        Only live music allowed.

·        No props will be provided. Students may use props like- dupatta, lathi, musical instruments, etc.

·        Language no bar.

·        Explicit, abusive or vulgar content will not be allowed.


Contact Persons                             Dr. Aditi R. Khandelwal, 8875003239




        •   You may confirm your participation and register online by sending us an email at –

•   The participating teams should report at the registration counter at least half an hour before the scheduled event

•   All the participants should carry their college / University I-cards and a team bonafide certificate/Registration form attested by the head of the institution.

•   For further queries contact

     Ms. Monika Munjal, 9982400002

     E-mail :


     Dr. Manisha Patni, 9783307131

     E-mail :


     Dr. Shilpi Rijhwani, 9783307282

     E-mail :


     Dr. Radhika Sharma, 9783307183

            E-mail :