Raaga-Solo / Duet Song Competition


•        There shall be two categories

•        Solo-Popular Hindi Film / Pop Song

•        Duet-Popular Hindi Film / English / Medley

•        Participants are required to sing the Mukhra & one Antara of the Song.

•        Judging will be based on-

          •        Quality of Voice

          •        Choice of Song

          •        Quality of Rendition

Contact persons : Dr. Ruchi Jain, Dept. of Business Studies



Creative Writing(English & Hindi)-Poem a Pic

We bring to you a chance to let loose the spontaneous poet within you. Convert the thoughts you have on watching a picture we present to you into a mind-blowing piece of poetry


•        Time limit : 1 hr. 30 min.

•        Poetry (Poem a sketch)

•        Participants will be given a sketch

•        They will have to write a coherent poem, based on the sketch.

•        No teams are allowed. This is strictly an individual event.

•        Emphasis should be laid on emotional interpretation.

•        No word limit

Contact Persons :  Dr. Rani Rathore, Department of English

                                Dr. Neha Baid, Department  of Hindi


•        Prose (Inkspire)

•        Participants will be given a thought. (on the spot)

•        The write-up can be either in English/Hindi or both. (as separate entries)

•        No teams are allowed. This is strictly an individual event.

•        They will have to follow the prescribed word limit.

Contact Persons :  Dr. Prachi Goswami, Department of German




Photography (Exposure)

A ‘traditional ‘ exhibition cum competition, for all the shutterbugs and photography enthusiasts who wish to show off their clicking skills to everyone else, and win prizes in the process.

•        Participants are required to submit a set of six photographs, which will be displayed as a panel

            •        Minimum size of a photograph should be 6” × 8”

            •        Topics :       Black & White




Embracing the Chaos

Contact person : Mr. Shwet Goel, Dept. of Fine Arts


Photography (On the Spot)

•          In this category participants are required to click pictures of the University Fest and submit them online.

•        Entries are to be sent to with the subject, ‘On the spot’.

•        Participants are required to send a set of ten photographs and they are required to mention their name, course and contact number.

            •        Entries must be submitted latest by the midnight of 9 Jan’19.

Contact person : Mr. Shwet Goel, Dept. of Fine Arts


Web Page Designing

•        Individual Participation required

•        Participants will be required to create a website of 3-5 web pages

•        Time Limit : 2 hrs.

•        HTML / Photoshop CSS / Dream Weaver / Flash may be used.

•        Theme (any one)

-         The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Contact persons: Dr. Anubha Jain, Dept. of Computer Science                         Dr. Astha Pareek, Dept. of Computer Science



The Foody Affair – Cookery Contest 


•        Team size : 2 to 3

•        Participants are required to bring their own material required for cooking.

•        Theme : Celebrations

•        Participants are required to prepare a beverage a savory dish and a dessert.

            •        Time Limit : 2.00 hrs.

Contact person  : Prof. Ila Joshi, Dept. of Home Science




‘Set your heart free and

let the music fill it with love…..

Set your mind free & let the notes be its pulses…

Express your heart’s desire & sway

the crowd with your moves.


Team Size          05-08 members

Time Limit          4-5 minutes

•    The event is an on-stage event and comprises of two rounds: preliminary and finale.

•    The preliminary round will be held on 5 January, 2019 .

•    It’s a theme-free event and preference of track and dance form is completely up to the participant.

•    Use of props is permitted, given the team takes full responsibility of its management.

•    Use of powder, fire, liquids or any other substance that may dirty the venue is strictly prohibited.

•    Participating teams are required to bring their tracks on their own pen drives

•    No form of vulgarity or indecency should be expressed in the performance. If otherwise, it will lead to immediate disqualification.

•    The participating teams will have to report on the given time prior to the event. Failing to report on time might result in disqualification.

•    The judging criteria for the western and Indian dance forms will be mutually exclusive.

Contact Person : Ms. Monika Munjal, Dean, Students’ Activity



Hand Painting

Team Size             02 Members per team

                            (One shall paint and other be painted on!)

Topics (any one)         • Illusion

                                 • Incredible India

Time Duration   2½ hrs.

        •    Contestant has to paint her team mate’s hands

•    Judgement will be based on creativity, colour scheme, painting skills and final presentation

•    Participants are required to bring their own material required for the event.

Contact Person: Dr. Ujjavala M. Tiwari, Dept. of Visual Arts



Selfie-Nation @ theiisufest


Love clicking selfies?

There’s a special activity for all selfie-addicts!


Just click a selfie of you and/or your friends, at the University Fest COSMOS and upload it on the

Facebook Page :  cosmos suis tes reves

Instagram page:  theiisufest
It doesn’t end here – since this is an online event on social media, the number of likes and shares you can generate on your picture at the COSMOS Facebook and Instagram Page will fetch you brownie points.

Contact persons: Ms. Rakshita Singh, 8949598390                                                  Ms. Niharika Joshi, 9166383055




Tiny Tales - Online Literary Event

•    What is Tiny Tales ?

      This is the modern day story-telling which is concise and crisp. Not an eassy not a poem, not a bunch of random thoughts. Just a potent piece of pure fiction that you have dexterously composed in 20-30 words.

Topics                           “The Unsaid Emotions”  

Submission Date:       Till 08th January, 2019 by 2.00 pm

Send in your entries to :

Rules :

•    Please ensure your story ranges from 20-30 words (Not more than 30)

•    Attach your story in the email as a word document and send it to the e-mail id mentioned above.

•    Ensure your story is based on one of the given topics. You are free to interpret it as you like but include the topic used in your story

•    No registration fee will be charged

Contact Persons: Ms. Rakshita Singh, 8949598390                                                  Ms. Niharika Joshi, 9166383055





Time Limit: 4 hours

•        Theme :  1. Clean India: Green India

                       2. Women Empowerment

•        Base shall be provided.

•        Size of the base will be 3ft x 4ft, 4ft x 5ft.

•        Students have to get their own colours, brushes and any other material if required.

•        Judgement will be on the basis of creativity, neatness, relevance to the theme and overall presentation.


Contact person  : Ms. Sheetal Chitlangiya, Dept. of Visual Arts


Design Critter- Doodling

Time limit: 2 hours

•        An object (wooden chair) shall be provided to the participants.. Other required materials are to be carried by the participants on their own.


•        Judgment will be based on adherence to the theme, creativity, neatness, concept and originality.

Contact person  : Mr. Shwet Goel, Dept. of Visual Arts



Style Thy Tresses : Hair styling

Time Limit: 45 Minutes

•        Participants have to bring the required materials/equipments on their own.

•        Participants can style their own hair or bring a subject along.

•        The process of hair styling will start during the event, no prior preparations are allowed.

Contact person  : Dr. Seema Singh Rathore, Dept. of Management



Compos mentis

Team Size: 2 members

This event will comprise of three qualifying rounds:

1.       EMOJISAURUS:  It is a round of phrase identification by emojis, in which the contestants will define what the emoji demonstrates according to their imagination, innovation and perception.

2.       CHRONICLE:  The contestants will be shown pictures and they will have to create one story related to it. This is a public speaking round.

3.       ACCENT TRANSFORMERS:  Contestants will change their accents and will deliver a 1 minute speech on a topic of their interest.

Contact person  : Dr. Rimika Singhvi, Dept. of English



T-shirt designing

Themes (any one) – 1. Bohemian (Boho-chic)

                                   2. Rhythm& Music

•        It is an individual event

•        Participants are required to bring a Plain White round neck t-shirt.

•        Participants are required to get the fabric colours and other materials required.

•        Participants are required to draw front and back of the t-shirt

•        Explicit content will lead to disqualification of the candidate.

Contact person  : Ms. Vipin Kumari, Dept. of Fashion Technology



Fashion Sketching

Time limit: 2 hours

•        Individual participation required

•        The participants are required to design a complete head to toe look with rendering on the given theme.

•        Theme- ‘Desi-firangi’

•        Participants will be provided with templates of fashion sketch to further trace it for their composition.

•        Participants can use any colour medium.

•        Participants will only be provided with one sheet. They should carry their own stationary and colour material.

Contact person  : Dr. Isheeta Chaturvedi, Dept. of Fashion Technology



Open Mic

A chance for the budding artist to display their oratory skills infused with creativity at the Open Mic.

The Open Mic consists of three categories-

1. Poetry Slam

2. Just-A-Minute

3. Mono Act


Poetry Slam

•        Time limit- 5-7mins.

•        Each poem must be, original and poets’ own construction.

•        Exceeding the time limit will result in disqualification of the participant.

•        Participants are allowed to use musical instruments and can be assisted by anyone for handling the same.

•        It is required for the participants to mail the content of performance at “e-mail” before 5th Jan 2018.

•        Explicit, abusive and vulgar content will not be allowed.



•        Time Limit- 1 minute

•        The challenge of each speaker is to speak for a continuous minute without making any kind of errors.

•        These errors can be grammatical errors, use of wrong language, or repetition.

•        Explicit, abusive and vulgar content will not be allowed.

•        The participants will be judged on the basis of- reaction of the audience, creativity, oratory skills, minimal errors and content.


Mono Act

•        Time limit: 3-5 minutes

•        A participant has to come prepared with her own theme.

•        Language used can be Hindi, English or both.

•        There can be 2 people to assist with sound.

•        Instrumental music is allowed but the participants must bring their own instruments.

•        Laptop to play sound/music will be provided.

•        Obscenity and offensive gestures are strictly not allowed.

•        Plagiarism will result in deduction of points.

•        Decision of judges will be final and binding.

Contact person  : Dr. Vandana, Dept. of Psychology